Over the last month, if you’ve been listening closely, you’d be able to hear a quiet rumbling within the app marketing community. In early May, Facebook began informing app marketers of a new policy change – the social media giant would no longer provide device level data back to advertisers via Mobile Measurement Partners (MPPs). These MPP partners include companies like Kochava, Fiksu and even Yahoo’s recently acquired Flurry.

Typically when Facebook makes a big policy change, you’ll hear it being shouted from the mountain tops, but this one feels different. Do a search on the topic and you’ll find one (maybe two) articles that discuss the policy change. Either no one fully understands the deep impact this will have on the app marketing community or Facebook has done a great job muffling the media, so as not to create a panic.

While this policy change may not have hit most major trades or even seem like a big change to the way advertisers will work with Facebook in the future, the decision to.. The Continue Reading!

Source: The retarget marketing Daily

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