SEO Plus Social Media

Campaign Plans & Strategies

Plan 1. SEO Campaign with Social Signals:  

A Manual SEO Campaign with the most popular Social Network sites, Blogs, Bookmarks, Image Sharing sites and others. This mix of Back Links can help improve your website visibility in Google by making them relevant on the web. Recommended Reading: Understanding Social Signals and SEO: A Simple Guide and Your Guide to Social Signals for SEO – Moz.

Tier 1 – On your website, total 50+:

  • 10+ Web 2.0 Blogs (PR4-9) such as WordPress, Storify etc. (PR = Page Rank)
  • 4 Top MANUAL Social Network posts (PR8-10) such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.
  • 5 MANUAL Image Sharing links (PR3-9) such as Flickr, Imgur etc.
  • 6 MANUAL TOP Social Blog posts (PR3-4) such as Tumblr, Blogger, Livejournal etc.
  • 10+ TOP Social bookmarks (PR4-8) such as Reddit, Plurk, Scoop etc.
  • 15+ Social Network mix (PR1-9) such as Jcow, Joomla, PhpFox, PhpMotion etc.

Tier 2 – Links pointing in tier 1, total 1500+:

  • 10+ Social bookmarking for every post in tier1, total 400+
  • 25+ Social Signals per post (facebook shares & retweets), total 50+
  • 20+ Blog comments for all posts, total 1050+




Write a Unique and Relevant Article up to 400 Words

(+5 Days)



Add 100 Social Blogs in Tier 1 and 1000 Social Bookmarks in Tier 2

(+2 Days)



Add 500 Social Signals in Tier 2, we drip feed all these Signals for 7 Days.

(+2 Days)



Create a Video about your product or services and post on YouTube with 100 Social Signals.

(+4 Days)



Execute a Manual 20 Niche Related Links PR1-5 – Google Domination for more impact.

(+4 Days)


The Complete SEO Campaign with Social Signals Package – Everything Listed Above!

SAVE $20

(30 Day Plan)


Frequently Asked Questions

How many urls and keywords should i promote with my campaign?

One URL and no more than 3 keywords for one campaign.

Should I provide an article for this gig?

As you like, you can provide your article or we can find it for you. Also you can order extra from us “Unique article writing” NOTE: We work only with english articles.

Do you offer a full report when you are done?

Yes, we offer a full Excel report of everything when we do in your order!

When should i expect to see results?

It’s always different dates, but ordinary between 2 weeks and 2 months. We ping all your backlinks from tier 1 for fast indexing yin Google.

Do you support adult/foreign language type sites? what do you recommend for that?

We work only with english website and In this campaign we don’t work with adult and gambling sites.

How work your Social Signals impact in this SEO campaign?

We make social signals Tier2 on each social network post which was created in Tier1. WIth this social media impact you can get people talk about your brand or content.

Coming Soon!

Promote Your Product to 39,000,000 World Wide College Students

Advertise your website or any business link to 39m world wide college students via social media platforms like twitter, facebook, google plus communities, twitter, Instagram etc.

★ Your Website or any link.
★ Description about site or link.
★ Give 2-3 Keywords you want.

Indiegogo, KickStarter and GoFundMe Campaigns

Promote your Kickstarter, Crowdfunding, Indiegogo and Gofundme

Share your Kickstarter or Crowdfunding Campaign with 50000 Targeted Visitors.

★ Reddit (10000+ Members)
★ Google+ (20000+ Members)
★ Facebook (10000+ Members)
★ Twitter (10000+ Members)
★ Forums (10000+ Members)
★ High PR Sites(10000+ Members)

Twitter Campaign

Twitter Advertising Campaign to get Targeted Traffic

Setup & Launch TW Ad campaign with ONE week Assessment, get everything in details!

★ Create Ad Tactic + Bidding Plan
★ Audience Research
★ 50 Keyword Research Max
★ Writing Adverts (2 Adverts)
★ Bannner Besign (2 Banners)
★ Install Campaign & Testing

Facebook Ads

Facebook Advertising Campaign for Site or FB Page

★ Setup & Launch campaign + adverts & banners!
★ Create Ad Tactic & Bidding plan
★ Audience Research
★ Writing adverts (3 Ads)
★ Banner Design (3 banners)
★ Ad Split Testing (by placements, gender or location)
★ Install campaign with testing
★ Setup & Launch with 1 week Assessment!
★ Manage campaign 1 week, Install FB Pixel, & help improve campaign!

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