First, lets embed Facebook Post using WordPress PluginType ‘Embed Facebook Posts On WordPress‘ & click Search Click ‘Install’ under ‘Metronet Embed Facebook posts’ Activate plugin & goto ‘edit’ mode of any postIn ‘text’ mode type facebookpost.

Embed Facebook Posts on WordPress

Open Facebook website to copy URL of the post for embedding. Paste the post URL to complete the codeUpdate & preview post for Facebook post embedSpecific Facebook Post will appear embedded in the contentNow, lets try manual code method for Facebook Post embed. Open Facebook Developer website, paste Facebook post urlYou should see live preview of specific postClick ‘Get Code’ buttonCopy both sections of the code & paste in WordPress post.

Now update the post and preview itFacebook Post appear embedded using plugin & manual code method. Here another demo on the Embed Facebook Posts On WordPress plugin.

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