Craigslist Bridging

Letiha / Pixabay

Craigslist.. still one of the internet’s top online concepts that has change the way most of us operate in the world today.. like facebook, twitter, etc. Just look at the jobs section in your local Sunday Newspaper, not a monitor but that big chunky bundle of paper and ink thing you may have seen your Mom and Dad were reading, the jobs section was thick then, but now my guess is since Craiglist was founded in 1995 and I am only guessing now that the Newspaper as whole is shrinking especially in the jobs section. Not that there are less jobs but because more and more people are using Craigslist online. Craigslist makes life easy on many levels, the site has many facets, what can i say.. it’s copius cornucopia of info and opportunity.. but on the same token Craigslist can be very competitive when trying to get your opportunity or service out there. So my quest is present Michael Angelo’s YouTube videos about Craigslist. I always think Michael Angelo when it comes to Craigslist tips & tricks. Enjoy the video:

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