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Speeding up your WordPress site by Hamzah Malik

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WordPress is a massively influential platform, with well over 60 million websites using it. Starting out as a humble blogging platform, its uses have expanded rapidly and it now supports fully fledged website themes, along with incredibly useful plugins. However, one thing many struggle with is the speed of their WordPress websites. They end up being bloated and inefficient, deterring visitors from spending time on them. Even worse, Google now uses the speed of a website as a search engine ranking factor, so a slow website means Google may shun you in its holy grail of top 10 search results.

Have no fear however, there is hope. Below are a list of 10 tips that’ll speed up your WordPress website drastically, if implemented in the right way. These techniques have seen websites go from a 5 second loading time, down to around 0.4 seconds. They’re ranked in order of importance, with no. 10 being what we perceive to be most vital. Oh, and please ensure you back-up your website before tinkering, as with thousands of themes out there, there’s bound to be a few that won’t play nice with every plugin… – Continue Reading Below!

Source: 10 Ways to Speed Up your WordPress Site

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